Platelet Rich PlasmaPRP Injections

How Painful Is A PRP Injection?

Platelet rich plasma injections serve several purposes within the medical and cosmetic industries. Depending on the treatment a person undergoes, PRP injections can be painful, or at the very least, uncomfortable. When seeking a PRP procedure at PRP In Seattle, patients frequently asked, “How painful is a PRP injection?”

The answer depends on the type of injection and the treatment area. When performing a PRP hair restoration procedure, the scalp is usually numbed beforehand to limit discomfort. Though, you may still feel some mild pressure. Generally, the numbing is reapplied throughout the procedure and patients remain comfortable during PRP hair restoration. Soreness does sometimes occur afterward.

When injecting PRP under the eyes, or elsewhere on the face, topical numbing is applied. However, it can still cause mild pain. Usually, it is no more than a regular dermal filler injection. This is also a much quicker process and therefore any discomfort is brief. 

Cosmetic PRP does tend to be less painful than medical PRP. This is because medical PRP injections are often going deeper into the muscle or joint, which is much more uncomfortable when compared to the fairly superficial injections of PRP into the scalp or skin. To schedule a consultation, call us at 206-279-2112. You can also reach out online via chat or contact form.

Dr. Jonov is a specialist in cosmetic surgery, focusing on procedures for the face, breast, and body at PRP in Seattle Seattle.