Platelet Rich Fibrin

The Benefits Of Platelet Rich Fibrin

Fibrin is a protein found in blood plasma that is beginning to become a leading regenerative treatment and overtake platelet rich plasma. Platelet rich fibrin, or PRF, is another way to non-surgical treat hair loss and rejuvenate the skin. However, as a fairly new form of plasma treatment, people often want to know the benefits of platelet rich fibrin and how it compares to PRP.

Platelet rich fibrin contains a large concentration of platelets like PRP. However, many of the parts of blood spun out in creating PRP, platelet rich fibrin does not omit. For example, PRF contains white blood cells and stem cells which can help promote both regeneration and hair regrowth.

In addition to these extra cells, it is said that platelet rich fibrin has ten times the growth factors of regular blood while PRP has around five times the growth factors. Combined with the stem cells and white blood cells, this helps make PRF more effective than PRP. While studies continue, within the cosmetic space, PRF is largely considered safe and effective.

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