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Can I Wear Makeup After PRP Under The Eye?

Platelet rich plasma injections for the under eye are becoming a popular alternative for dermal fillers. Since there is no required downtime, patients often want to return to their daily lives as soon as possible, which often includes applying and wearing makeup. So, can I wear makeup after PRP under the eye?”

Yes, though, it is best to wait at least a few hours before applying makeup under the eyes. This is true for almost any injection. If you can, it is likely best to wait until the next morning to apply makeup to the area. Otherwise, it is perfectly fine to put makeup under the eyes after PRP injections.

It is rare for platelet rich plasma injections to cause major bruising or swelling under the eyes. However, some redness, tenderness, and minor swelling may be present. Makeup can help disguise this and—as long as not immediately following the injections—it is perfectly fine to apply it to hide these side effects if present.

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