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What To Expect After PRP Under Eye Injections?

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What To Expect After PRP Under Eye Injections?

Platelet rich plasma injections for the under eyes are an alternative for under eye fillers. While PRP is thinner, the procedures themselves often look extremely similar. Though, PRP injections rarely use a cannula. So, are the side effects and aftercare similar? Our providers answer the question, “What to expect after PRP under eye injections?”

First, many of the side effects of dermal fillers may also be present following PRP injections. For example, swelling, redness, and tenderness can occur. Bruising is also possible, but not too common following PRP injections under the eyes. In this sense, the two have similar effects.

One of the main differences between under eye filler and PRP under eye injections is that there is an immediate result with fillers. PRP injections do not come with an immediate result and it takes time to see your final result. This is because PRP kickstarts a natural process. It also usually requires multiple sessions.

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