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Non-Surgical BBL Seattle: How Does PRP Improve Non-Surgical BBL Results?

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A non-surgical Brazilian butt lift often uses a type of semi-permanent dermal filler known as Sculptra. Sculptra fills the buttocks like a dermal filler, however, it also stimulates collagen production in the area. With multiple treatments, this can create a natural volume that your body created over the course of treatment. At PRP In Seattle, we combine Sculptra with other components to improve non-surgical BBL results. How does PRP improve non-surgical BBL results?

PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is a substance in blood that when present in larger than average quantities, signals an injury. When injected along with Sculptra during a non-surgical BBL, your body will respond to the injections like it would an injury. This sends extra collagen, elastin, and other resources to the area. This promotes volume creation in the area. 

Even after the initial injections, PRP continues to stimulate collagen for the weeks following the procedure. It can increase the amount of time your body responds. This often provides better results with fewer sessions. Occasionally, our plastic surgeons may also combine ACell or other regenerative properties with Sculptra for the best non-surgical BBL Seattle offers. 

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BBL Kirkland: Benefits Of A Non-Surgical BBL With PRP

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Non-surgical Brazilian butt lifts have become more popular. Using collagen promoting fillers like Sculptra, non-surgical BBLs can provide a good result in the right candidate. Platelet rich plasma, like Sculptra, induces the production of collagen. This collagen can then build up to support a larger booty. The two are often used together to supercharge one another for the best results. The benefits of a non-surgical with PRP make our zombie BBL, the best non-surgical BBL in Seattle.

One of the major benefits of using PRP in a non-surgical BBL is that it comes from the patient’s body. Therefore, the rejection rate of PRP injections is pretty much non-existent. This also provides a natural alternative for some patients who do not want dermal fillers, or who have reacted badly to them in the past. Platelet rich plasma injections may allow them to see results they would not otherwise.

Finally, as discussed, PRP works seamlessly with other possible non-surgical Brazilian butt lift ingredients such as stem cells or donated placenta cells. Working together, this can speed up and produce more collagen than one factor on its own. Our Seattle plastic surgeons can customize the components of your non-surgical BBL to fit your needs and goals.

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PRP BBL: Does It Work?

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As more and more non-surgical alternatives for traditional plastic surgeries become viable and available, these non-surgical options continue to be revolutionized. PRP In Seattle offers a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift that utilizes platelet rich plasma to promote collagen production in the buttocks. It works just like and uses many of the same materials as a traditional non-surgical BBL. 

At PRP In Seattle, our plastic surgeons often combine PRP derived from your blood and mix it with Sculptra, ACell, and/or donated placenta cells. This unique combination provides some immediate augmentation, but they also stimulate collagen production. This new collagen can cause long lasting volume and promote results for months following the procedure.

Many patients ask, “Does it work?” In our experience, we find that many patients find good results after a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift with PRP. Every patient’s body will respond slightly differently and patient’s will naturally see varying results. Your metabolism and lifestyle greatly affect your results. Additionally, you should follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions carefully to promote the best and longest lasting results. 

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Bellevue Non-Surgical BBL Options

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A non-surgical Brazilian butt lift can be achieved using a variety of options we utilize at PRP In Seattle. Dr. Sajan or Dr. Jonov perform a non-surgical BBL using a series of injections into the buttocks. The difference is what makes up the injections. 

At PRP In Seattle, we offer many non-surgical Brazilian butt lift options in Seattle. Our plastic surgeons often utilize dermal filler Sculptra, PRP, ACell, donated fat, and donated placenta cells. You can choose any of these options individually or combine them. Each option has unique benefits. 

PRP, which can also aid during surgical BBLs, promotes the healing process in your body. This stimulates collagen growth which can naturally augment the backside. This is a popular choice to add to Sculptra, a filler that acts much in the same way. 

ACell comes from pig bladders and can act like fat in the body. It also stimulates the body’s healing response. Along with this, ACell can help donated fat and placenta settle well in the buttocks.  

Donated fat and placenta can act as your own fat, augmenting the butt naturally. When you combine these methods with PRP or ACell, you have the best chance long lasting results from your non-surgical Brazilian butt lift. During a consultation, your Seattle plastic surgeon can help you discover the best non-surgical BBL options for you.

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Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift in Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland

The Zombie BBL: A Revolutionary Use Of PRP

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Platelet rich plasma has many uses in the cosmetic industry. At PRP in Seattle, we find and utilize PRP in revolutionary ways meant to serve our patients in new and innovative ways. The prime example is our non-surgical Brazilian butt lift, or as we call it, the Zombie Brazilian butt lift. In this procedure, our PRP experts inject a proprietary blend of PRP, dermal fillers, and donated fat to plump and shape the butt, like a traditional Brazilian butt lift.

This decreases the risk of a Brazilian butt lift and provides a non-surgical alternative. Additionally, the combination of augmentation methods promotes collagen production. This can lead to longer lasting and natural results. 

This use of PRP is one that PRP in Seattle has pioneered to decrease the risk of Brazilian butt lift procedures, while increasing the results that patients can see. The Zombie BBL procedure requires a cosmetic surgeon experienced in PRP to perform, like Dr. Jonov at PRP in Seattle. This revolutionary use of PRP can provide you the backside you want without liposuction or surgery.

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