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Does PRP Work For Frontal Hair Loss?

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Frontal hair loss is most common in men experiencing male pattern baldness. Generally, male pattern baldness begins along the hairline and slowly recedes backward and inward. If a man wants to slow his hair loss, it is imperative that he take action during these early stages. However, it is not always clear what the best treatment for this is. Let’s look at the common question, “Does PRP work for frontal hair loss?”

The answer to this question depends on the stage of hair loss a man is at. At a certain point, only a certain amount of hair can be recovered. Though, platelet rich plasma hair restoration does work for frontal hair loss. Studies have shown that it is comparable to prescription medications such as minoxidil. In fact, our providers will often recommend using medications and undergoing PRP treatments for the best results.

If the hair loss is more advanced, it’s unlikely that the hairline can be completely restored. Usually, within six months to a year of when the hair was originally lost, the follicles have a good chance of recovery. Though, this is highly dependent on the individual patient, their platelet count, and genetics.

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Can Stem Cells Cure Hair Loss?

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Hair loss–while often a natural part of aging for some people–can cause a lot of insecurity and distress. For men and women who experience genetic hair loss, they often want to know if it can be stopped. There are many treatments for hair loss that can slow the loss and sometimes even restore hair. However, many of these are not permanent solutions. With many new options, patients wonder, “Can stem cells cure hair loss?”

Before answering this question, it is important to look at the different causes of hair loss and the available treatments. The most common cause of hair loss in the average person is genetic. Some people are predisposed to hair loss as they get older. While especially common in men, it can also occur in women. Some mild hair loss or thinning is normal during the aging process, but genetic hair loss happens quicker, in larger areas, and can lead to total baldness.

Genetic hair loss cannot be cured or reversed. Other forms of hair loss such as those related to medications, autoimmune diseases, and injuries can often be restored completely depending upon the situation. However, when baldness has an outside cause like this, even restoration treatments are unlikely to help.

So, the quickest answer is, no, stem cells do not cure hair loss. They do significantly slow it though and often contribute to having thicker hair longer. It may even fill in areas of thinning. To schedule a consultation, call us at 206-279-2112. You can also reach us online using chat or contact form.

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PRP Hair: Platelet Rich Plasma For Hair Loss Side Effects

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PRP hair restoration is a non-invasive, non-surgical way to restore thinning hair and slow down hair loss. While it is a non-surgical procedure, it is understandable that some patients may be concerned about possible side effects, especially if unfamiliar with the procedure. Luckily, PRP hair injections come with relatively few and minor side effects. 

Platelet rich plasma for hair loss side effects can include the side effects of any other injectable treatment such as pain at the injection sites, bruising, itchiness, redness, soreness, and tight feeling. These are all minor and normal. Most patients see these side effects subside within a few days of their treatment.

Platelet rich plasma on its own has few side effects because it comes from your own body. This means that the chances of rejection or an allergic reaction are notably low. The most serious side effects or complication after platelet rich plasma for hair loss injections is infection or injuries to the nerves. These are also possible after any injection. 

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