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5 Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

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Hair loss happens naturally from age and in our daily lives. Most of the time, new hair regularly replaces shed hair. However, some people experience more hair loss or their genetics dictate larger amounts of hair loss. Regardless of the cause or amount of hair you lose, there are some ways you can minimize and prevent hair loss. 

If your hair loss is unpreventable, or has reached the stage where prevention tactics can only manage hair loss, PRP In Seattle offers many PRP hair restoration methods to help grow new hair.

#1: Eat A Nutritious Diet & Stay Hydrated

Not getting enough nutrients can cause or worsen hair loss. While vitamins and supplements can help, the best way to get all the nutrients your body needs is to eat nutrient rich foods. Additionally, keeping hydrated is known to help your skin and is important to healthy bodily function.

#2: Avoid Over Brushing

Brushing your hair too much can cause hair breakage and extra loss. While it is obviously necessary to brush your hair, do so gently and with a wide toothed comb to minimize trauma to the hair.

#3: Stop Smoking

Smoking causes constriction of the blood vessels which can shrink hair follicles and lead to hair loss. Avoiding or quitting cigarettes can prevent current and future hair loss.

#4: Avoid Constrictive Hairstyles

For people with long hair, tight ponytails or hairstyles can pull on the hair or scalp which can lead to hair loss. Especially if worn consistently, some may begin to see thinning hair near the sites of the most constriction.

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PRP Hair Restoration options in Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland

Seattle PRP Hair Restoration Options

By | Hair Restoration

Platelet rich plasma has become a growing hair restoration technique in the past few years. Because it is rich in growth factors and various proteins, PRP offers the best hair restoration results in Seattle. At PRP in Seattle, we offer three different platelet rich plasma hair restoration.

PRP Hair Restoration

Platelet rich plasma on its own can serve as an effective hair restoration treatment. Derived from your blood, when PRP is injected into the hair follicles it can repair them and stimulate new hair growth. 

PRP + ACell Hair Restoration

During this procedure, PRP is combined with ACell, stem cells produced from pig bladders. Working together, the PRP will help along new hair growth while ACell lays a new, healthier foundation for your scalp and new hair.

Stem Cell Hair Restoration

Stem cell hair restoration uses PRP and stem cells sourced from human placenta to create the optimal environment for your hair. It nourishes the scalp and follicles from the inside out to provide the best chance at renewed hair. 

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