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Can PRP Injections Cause Blood Clots?

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Platelet rich plasma’s job within the blood is to help it clot at the site of an injury. Therefore, as a clotting agent, this can make some patients a little hesitant about injecting it into their body. Let’s look at the question, “Can PRP injections cause blood clots?”

The risk of PRP injections causing blood clots is astronomically low. Just like any typical injection, the chances of platelet rich plasma causing any issues with the actual function of your blood is unlikely. Additionally, with traditional PRP injections, an anti-coagulant is added to the PRP to prevent any unwanted or unnecessary clotting.

PRF—another derivative of PRP—does not contain an anti-coagulant. There usually is a visible clot within the PRF. This does mean it comes with a very slightly elevated risk of blood clots than when compared with PRP. However, this is exceptionally rare. If a patient is prone to blood clots or has certain blood diseases, they will want to report this to their provider so a proper treatment plan can be devised.

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Causes Of Under Eye Circles & PRP For Tear Troughs

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Dark circles under the eyes and eye bags have many causes beyond lack of sleep. While not getting enough sleep can contribute to the look of the tear trough area, it is not usually the underlying cause in people with naturally dark or sunken eyes. 

Most of the time, genetics play the largest role in the appearance or development of under eyes circles. Some people are genetically predisposed to periorbital hyperpigmentation and a healthy amount of sleep will cause this to go away. Additionally, certain conditions like sinus issues, allergies, and insomnia can all cause or worsen the condition. 

For those wanting to find a solution to looking perpetually tired, PRP In Seattle offers an injectable treatment known as PRP for tear troughs. PRP, or platelet rich plasma, comes from a patient’s body and is simply isolated before being injected under the eyes. This alternative to dermal fillers stimulates collagen production in the area. Consequently, this can lead to longer lasting results than fillers that must be refreshed to upkeep results.

The procedure is performed by Seattle plastic surgeons or physician trained injectors. The injectors at PRP In Seattle have trained with platelet rich plasma and know the best practices to promote a good result.

Most patients require between three and six rounds of injections to see the results they desire. To schedule a consultation at PRP In Seattle, call us at 206-279-2112 or contact us online.

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Bellevue PRP Injections: How Do They Work?

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Injections of platelet rich plasma have been used for decades for a variety of purposes. In the beginning, they were used for therapeutic purposes to treat injuries and arthritis. These treatments increased the body’s healing response, collagen formation, and other factors that could speed up the healing process and lead to less pain. In more recent years, platelet rich plasma injections have become a staple in cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Surgeons–both general and cosmetic–used PRP on incisions to ease and speed healing. Eventually, plastic surgeons and injectors began using PRP in innovative ways that allows PRP In Seattle to offer cutting edge Bellevue PRP injections servicing the Seattle, Kirkland, and Bellevue areas.

PRP for tear troughs is an alternative to dermal fillers under the eyes. Many prefer this treatment because PRP comes directly from your body and over time it can build enough collagen. In ideal cases, this can mean that patients can discontinue injections and enjoy long term results.

At PRP In Seattle we also utilize PRP injections for the revolutionary non-surgical BBL that uses PRP in the formula. Platelet rich plasma boosts the effectiveness of a typical non-surgical Brazilian butt lift can stimulate collagen production even weeks following the procedure. Bellevue PRP injections can achieve many cosmetic goals. 

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The Process Of Creating PRP

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Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, exists naturally in our bodies. However, it is one of hundreds of components that make up our blood. Therefore, a specialized process must be performed to isolate PRP for procedures like PRP hair restoration and microneedling with PRP

The first step in creating PRP is drawing your blood. Once drawn, your provider will place the blood into our state-of-the-art centrifuge. This will spin the blood at a consistent speed for around twenty minutes. This separates out the different cells and particles of the blood, allowing the yellowish PRP to rise to the top of the vial. This is the standard for creating PRP.

At this point, your provider will extract the PRP from the vial and mix it with ACell, placenta, or use PRP on it’s own for your chosen treatment. The great thing about platelet rich plasma is that to isolate it requires no foreign substances or additives, which makes it safe and low risk to inject into the body.

Platelet rich plasma is a natural, regenerative substance used for a variety of medical and cosmetic benefits. This includes hair restoration to combat hair thinning, skincare procedures like microneedling, and even non-surgical Brazilian butt lifts. PRP is also sometimes used in surgery to aid in the healing of tissues and incisions. Other medical uses of PRP include treatment of arthritis, torn tendons and ligaments, and other muscle and joint injuries.

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