Platelet Rich PlasmaPRP Injections

How Effective Are PRP Injections?

Platelet rich plasma injections within the cosmetic industry are most commonly used to help restore hair. Before seeking non-surgical hair restoration services, many patients have never heard of PRP. Thus, a common question that patients ask is, “How effective are PRP injections?”

When treating genetic hair loss, PRP is anywhere between 70% and 90% effective. However, the exact efficacy can depend on the specific patient. For example, this efficacy is based on younger men who have noticeable hair loss, but not usually not advanced hair loss. The platelet rich plasma injections help slow the progression of hair loss. It cannot fully replace a hair transplant surgery, simply prolong it.

Additionally, the efficacy of PRP hair restoration also depends on the cause of hair loss. Physical causes of hair loss such as injuries likely will not benefit from PRP treatment. Though, sometimes PRP injections can help accelerate the natural hair growth process if and when it begins growing back.

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