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Can You Exercise After Getting Botox?

You’re a runner–a weightlifter–a fighter–a yoga…er. The point is you like to exercise. Well, maybe you don’t like it, but you do it for your health or to be social and spend time with friends. Whatever your reasons for exercising, you want to know what might keep you from it. Sure, an injury or a full-blown surgical procedure will of course throw a wrench in your weekly activity plan. But what about a non-invasive cosmetic treatment like Botox?


Botox has been around for a long time. It’s safe and has a well-known history of positive results and outcomes. You’ve heard plenty about it and probably seen results on some of your friends or family members. You’re not worried about what other people will think if you get Botox. But you’ve never taken the plunge. The question is: Why not? 


You’ve wanted to do something about the wrinkles on your face for some time now. Maybe you haven’t had Botox injections because you’re busy, haven’t found a clinic you trust, or haven’t had a minute to think about adding anything extra to your to-do list. The good news? Botox isn’t a strenuous commitment. Yes, you’ll need follow-up injections, but each session is about thirty minutes out of your day. It only takes the equivalent of your lunch break (or less) or your favorite sitcom run time to get the younger-looking face you want. And the best part? You can get back to work, errands, home, or your kids without any downtime–except when it comes to exercise.


Why Do You Need To Wait To Exercise After Botox Injections?

There’s a short period after Botox when you should avoid exercising. Why? Well, Botox is a liquid injectable. It can move around if you don’t give it time to settle into the right muscles. If it does shift, it can affect the wrong areas and temporarily impact other muscles, or at least make your results less noticeable and satisfying. 


Too much pressure in your head can lead to the risk of Botox moving and being less effective, too. Keeping your head elevated helps ensure you’ll get the full benefits of your session. This is another reason you should wait a while before working out. Exercise also promotes blood flow, and that’s not the best thing right after your injections. The goal is to let the Botox stay where it’s injected until it reaches its maximum effectiveness.


It’s not just exercise that puts pressure on your head. Lying down can move your Botox around too. It’s best not to nap for several hours, but you can still relax with a good book, a movie, or a nice meal and quality time with your friends or family.


When Can You Start Exercising After Botox?

Give yourself at least four hours after your injections before you do anything besides a leisurely walk around the block, or through the park, or to the–you get the idea. After four hours, you can do some light activity. Any strenuous exercise should wait until a full 24 hours after your session. That means no jogging, swimming, weightlifting, etc. Once you’ve hit the 24-hour mark, you’re free to do as you please, as long as your provider didn’t tell you otherwise.

Tips To Get The Best Results From Your Botox Session

What are some other things that can help you get the most out of your Botox session?

  • Don’t massage your face for a bit. It can make Botox spread to other muscles.
  • If your provider recommends facial exercises, make sure you do them. It can help you get the most out of your treatment.
  • Keep your skin hydrated by keeping your body hydrated.
  • If you have bruises after your injections, use a lightweight cold or ice pack. Remember to avoid pressure on your face.


Get High-Quality Botox And Treatment

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, we all want them to be quick, painless, and immediately effective so they give us the best outcome right away. Sounds too good to be true? Not necessarily. Your Botox injections can be fast, minimally painful, and leave you with instant results. Just make sure you postpone the cardio until the day after your session, and you’re good to go!

Dr. Jonov is a specialist in cosmetic surgery, focusing on procedures for the face, breast, and body at PRP in Seattle Seattle.